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Comparables are a tool used to help the client determine if it is wise to order a full appraisal for a particular borrower. There are two problems with this process. The first problem arises when the published information about the subject is not accurate and understates the size, amenities and condition. The comparables chosen based on that information suggest that an appraisal should not be ordered because the property will not be worth enough to complete the loan. When in fact the subject property is worth enough, or more. This causes the client not to book a good loan and cost the client volume and income. The second problem is the opposite. The published information about the subject does not reveal poor condition, deferred maintenance or other problems with the subject. This erroneous information causes us to choose comparables that suggest the subject will be worth enough to complete the loan, when it will not. Thus, wasting the loan officer's time and the borrower's money.

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     How much did the borrower pay for the property?: When?:

Please forward or fax the property profile, if available. The more accurate the information we have on the subject property, the more useful the comparables will be to you.
The comparables given for a property do not constitute an appraisal. They should not be relied upon for any lending decision. It is simply a tool to assist the lender in deciding whether or not to order an appraisal.

Submit or print and fax to: 509-456-5339


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